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David Maldonado Testimonial for BlackOxygen

David Maldonado tested positive for COVID-19 in April 2021, and the quarantine left him with many side effects. He was fatigued, had a foggy mind, and was anxious and depressed. He felt like a shell of himself at work, not being able to be coherent at work. He wasn’t able to be present with his family.

Mom of Two Experiences Increased Energy

This is a true story of how BLACKOXYGEN helped this real-life couple. Her husband started taking BLACKOXYGEN to relieve his COVID-19 symptoms; anxiety, depression, extreme fatigue, memory loss and so forth.

When he took it, it transformed him within 24 hours he lost all of his COVID-19 side effects. Which got her to start taking it and within days she had sustained energy and actually forgot to take her coffee one morning because she didn’t need it. “I’m just so grateful for this product because it’s completely transformed our entire family.

My Children get to take it and I just get excited about not only these immediate results, but the long-term effects that are going to come along with it.” – Hannah M

The Apollo Story | Motivated +


In 1991 I was sleeping in my car, I had $35 to my name, everything I had could fit into two bags. I started talking to God about my dreams… Fast forward, out of nowhere I get a call from the Apollo asking me to come on the show. That same night I met D.L. Hughley, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Jamie Foxx for the first time. We were all comedians that went on that night. This is my Apollo story and how I became the host. This was my turnback moment.

Everybody has a turn back a moment, it’s the moment you can either go forward or give everything up. There’s one guarantee if you give up it will never happen. Faith is everything, God is always on time, he’s never too late.

Tom Macdonald Testimonial

Check out this amazing testimonial. After 2 months of taking BLACKOXYGEN, Tom MacDonald noticed that he is lifting heavier, and doing more reps. Secondly, he noticed his cardio improved. Normally he is winded after doing squats, but now enjoys coming to the gym and lifting weights.

In addition, Tom had tendinitis in his right arm, which then decreased the discomfort.

How to Boost our Immune System

There has never before been a time when it is vitally important to boost your immune system… And this video of a quick and easy secret to doing just that has become the way many people I know (including top athletes and health experts) are doing it!

This new product has the Highest Bioavailable delivery (Means it absorbs better than anything else) of the most important minerals and nutrients to deliver 45% more oxygen into the CELL! In case you do not know.. Disease CANNOT live in an oxygen-rich environment! THIS IS WHAT EVERYONE NEEDS RIGHT NOW!

Top Athletes’ Secret! Improved sports performance…

Top Athletes are now letting everyone know this secret to huge performance gains! And improved sports performance is just the beginning!

World Champion Athletes are seeing faster and better results than anyone has ever seen! OH.. and not just for athletes… Check it out…

No matter if you are a super healthy, professional athlete, just want to be healthier or even if you are suffering from pain or inflammation of any kind, this secret helps your body repair itself!

You simply cannot afford to miss this quick video… please take 2 minutes to learn more about how many others have seen off-the-charts results!

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