I am REVVED UP and Ready to GO!

I am not a gimmick buyer ! Not an impulse buyer! At 50 years of age and prepping for my 3rd bikini competition

I was introduced to NuWTR, and was given some freebies to try. Obviously my calories were in a deficit so my energy levels were low, workouts exhausting and very tough to grind through.

I tried the coffee K cup first, coffee is life right? Taste was impeccable, it hits the taste buds and very smooth on the palette. I felt so awake and energized. NO JITTERS, just ready for the day and revved up to train.

I drank the fulvic mineral water which mixes beautifully no grainy effect. I took the single serving in my normal bottle of water the single dose and felt hydrated all the way through my hour long workout, plus cardio.

I followed it with another bottle of fulvic after my work out on the way to the office and fully charged for the day. I have used this product every day since and look forward to more and more products from this company.

My battery is revved up and recharged every day!

Its been 4 months consistency and I have not drank a junk energy drink or purchased a store bought coffee. NuWTR not only worked for my body but my pocket too.

If you want to feel revitalized after your training I would seriously recommend this company. ~ Jacqui G.