I Feel Good – Sandra Saunders NuWTR Tune Up…

Sandra Saunders

✅ Sleeping better and deeper. I am actually dreaming now! 😮
✅ No stress induced angina! And this has been an incredibly stressful week!
✅ Less aches and pains!
✅ Skin clearing up with no little bumps on jaw line!
✅ Gut feeling better!
✅ No bloating!
✅ Eyes whiter
✅ Nails longer and stronger!
✅ No afternoon nap required!!! 💃💃💃
✅ Tingling in fingers (happens when laying down and holding a book, phone or tablet) GONE!!!
✅ Increased energy!
✅ Clear head!
✅ Adrenal fatigue doing much better!
✅ Using way less CBD for my cervical spinal Stenosis! Even after chiropractic care!
✅ Recovery from lower back chiropractic care WAY better!
💁‍♀️ It is AMAZING what can happen when you give your body what it needs to support healing and health and remove the garbage!!!!

AND this is only after 10 days!!!
AND…I lost 5 lbs! 😁
I am one happy girl!!!!