I Haven’t Smelt A Thing Since 1995!

Sue Galka Cousins

In 1995, a barbecue blew up in my face and I lost all sense of smell.

I’ve been drinking my NuWTR Fulvic for about 4 weeks now. I’ve had compacted sinus since 1995….haven’t smelt a thing since then. 

After about 4 days on the NuWTR Product, I noticed I was blowing my nose ALOT!

What was coming out was nasty! 

However, as the days passed my sinuses are not under the pressure they used to be. My head feels ……….lighter. I’m still blowing alot but the pressure in my head is subsiding. 

I feel I will get my sense of smell back one day…. I am dreaming which I haven’t done in years… sleeping deeper however I still get up to pee! 

My nails are growing like crazy! I find if I drink my fulvic water first thing in the morning and drink it right down that I am more focused at work and have a ton of energy! 

I’ve had a low grade headache for 2 weeks, but I know that is just my body detoxing! 

Looking forward to seeing whats next for me and my Mud water! Love it!