Immediate Positive, Trackable Results

My personal journey…
I have been drinking the NuWtr MINERALS for about 6 weeks2 Sachets per day, some days only 1.

I am a healthy (so I thought) almost 64 year old and have always taken quality supplements, but never with such immediate positive, TRACKABLE results.

Here are my results:

  • Immediate energy and alertness
  • Quality sleep and even if I do wake up during the night, I go right back to sleep
  • My disposition has improved calmer, sense of well being
  • No more morning stiffness, in fact overall, no pain that comes as we age.
  • Pain from inflammation in my wrist has greatly subsided
  • Much improved digestion and elimination
  • I find I’m not hungry all the time, satisfied with less food and my sugar cravings are gone, which means GUT HEALTH
  • Softer skin, glowing complexion, nails and growing fast,
  • Hair feels fuller and healthier (I already had good hair)
  • I STOPPED SNORING! (A girl doesn’t like to admit she does). This is something I just noticed this week. My husband had been complaining about me keeping him awake with my snoring. He hasn’t complained for a few weeks, so when I asked him if I’ve been snoring, he said NO! It makes sense because FULVIC is OXYGENATING, hence relief from snoring.
  • I just feel good!!

Can’t wait to see more positive changes over time.

I believe I have found the “MISSING LINK ”!

Thank you, NuWtr