My Name is Gary Hazlitt, This Is My Story (so far)…

I am an over the road (long haul) truck driver and have been for the last 23 years steady and on and off for 20 years before that.

I am overweight and have had chronic pain in my shoulders for years from an old injury and long hours behind the wheel. I also have had very sore knee joints for years from my weight and again long hours behind the wheel. 

Sleep has always been an issue constantly waking up to change positions to alleviate the shoulder pain. 

I have been taking NuWtr for about 6 weeks now and can very happily tell you that I no longer have any shoulder pain or knee pain. Sleep is much more restful, climbing stairs is no longer painful and I have more energy, and greater focus. 

I have a coffee in the morning when I am home and quite often a sachet or dropper servings into a glass of water as well. 

When I am on the road I have the dropper servings once a day. I wish there was a coffee option that wasn’t in a pod, but I absolutely love this product. Thank you Marc Saint-Onge.

The Relationship Bridge

The Bridge – Curiosity to Action – Focus on the Process!!

Marc & Darlene – Loving the Experience

After using the NuWTR product for the last 6 weeks, Marc and Darlene share their perspective…

Jack’s Back…

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The Mud Miracle

An Amazing Product discovery expanding around the world.

The Power to Make A Difference

When you go after your dreams and start living life at your highest potential, you inspire others to do the same.

And this will have a tremendous impact on the world around you!

Live Blood Microscopy and the Importance of Minerals

The importance of minerals with Ted Aloisio,. An informative session on plant based organic minerals that are from a non-fossilized living source. Why we need them and the impact they can have on our health.

BlackOxygen and Our Furry Friends

Marilyne Chapman leads us on a discovery of the benefits of NuWTR products for our Furry Friends” with Marc Saint-Onge, Rob Witty, John Altshuler and our special Furry Friend Mia.

The Health Professional Call with Brett Hawes

Listen in as Brett Hawes reveals the power of the NuWTR Fulvic minerals to shape our health and wellbeing.

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