An introduction to Black Oxygen Organics

An interview with the CEO, Marc Saint-Onge

A NuWTR Intro with Marc Saint-Onge and Rob Witty. On the call we meet Marc Saint-Onge the CEO and Founder of NuWTR, Marc discusses the power of the NuWTR product, origins and the beginning of the Fulvic & Humic Acid Movement.

Until recently, most of the world has been kept in the dark about a “miraculous” discovery that is so safe, powerful and effective that “healers” spanning the globe have used it for thousands of years with amazing results.

Called the “missing link” to optimum health and nutrition by leading scientists, medical studies have shown that this “secret extract” has the ability to change one’s life for the better.

Scientists have discovered this “missing link” in our food chain, and can see that the rapidly increasing degenerative diseases worldwide may be directly related to the absence of this substance in the human diet.